How To Be Consistent And Stop Procrastinating

How To Be Consistent And Stop Procrastinating

We all are guilty of procrastination from time to time. Sometimes, it is okay to get a little distracted and have some rest. Yet, when you find yourself postponing the certain project for the fifth time, this type of procrastinating can’t be good – you need to do something with it.

Consistent And Stop Procrastinating

It might be quite challenging to start on the mundane task or on some job you don’t really like. However, the earlier you will start – the earlier you will finish it.

How To Be Consistent And Stop Procrastinating?

While some people find it easy to stay consistent and finish up the chores in a breeze, others struggle to find even a little bit of motivation. Is there any special recipe for fighting procrastination?

No, not really. However, some small things can help you to be more consistent and to stop procrastinating.

Why Do You Procrastinate?

First things first, it is necessary to understand why you tend to postpone things over and over again. Typically, people come up with various reasons not to do a certain thing today – it all starts with ‘too busy’, ‘too old’, ‘too stressed’ and the like.

Sometimes, these reasons can be valid – however, most of the times, they are simply excuses for not putting efforts. Moreover, it happens that some people are afraid of starting something that is going to put them under the emotional stress; when the changes can affect their lives.

The key feeling behind this discomfort is fear. Fear is a natural reaction of the body when the mind thinks that the person is about to feel pain, including the emotional one. Therefore, the unconscious mind unintentionally keeps us from doing anything that it thinks can cause such reaction.

what is Procrastinate

However, there is also one pitfall. Sometimes, a person postpones this potentially ‘harmful’ action for long, thinking that at some magic moment he/she will be ready to face the challenge. Then they tell themselves that ‘one day’ they will be strong/fit/smart enough to make a change and the timing of that ‘one day will be much better than the current moment.

In reality, the opposite is true. As the person postpones the challenging action, his/her fears grow bigger and stronger. Sometimes, in the saddest cases, such approach leads to unfulfilled dreams.

6 Effective Tips On How To Stop Procrastinating And Achieve Your Goals

Below are the six small pieces of advice on how you can be more consistent and every day move towards your goal.

Write Down Your Goal And Set A Deadline

The deadline is a must – a goal without a deadline will not get you motivated.

Break It Down To Smaller Objectives

If you want to reach your goal, whether it is to start/finish a project, or to go to the gym, you need to know exactly what you are going to do and when.

Moreover, when you write down small steps that are going to bring you closer to your goal, you will understand that it is not that hard at all!

Visualize The Future You Dream Of

The best thing to do is to find the picture that you think reflects your goal and stick it on the wall. Every time you walk by this picture, you will feel the emotions that are going to push you towards working on the process.

Visualize The Future You Dream Of

Be Accountable

Get yourself a support team or partner that will keep you focused and on track. Ask your friend, your mom, or your loved one to be a part of your success.

Aside from getting support, it is necessary that you will be checking up on your process by yourself. For instance, you could set up a weekly alarm to check on the things you have done and you still need to do.

Reward Yourself

Create your own small reward system that will make you feel motivated. Let’s say, you can go meet up with your friends after you finish your assignment – this will definitely keep you from procrastinating.

reward yourself

Have A Plan B

If things don’t go as you have expected them to – don’t let it push you over from your route. Don’t give up and always think of alternatives in advance.

Being prepared for a failure or for unexpected result means being successful no matter what. Therefore, if you feel like amending your plan will bring better ultimate results, go for it.





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